Recent Submissions

  • CRGOURMETCOFFEE.COM: using E-Commerce to mitigate the coffee paradox in Costa Rica 

    Mata, Francisco; Hernández Ruiz, Irene (International Association for Development of the Information Society, 2019)
    We present the background and the design and development considerations for an electronic platform to sell Costa Rican roasted coffee through e-commerce, referred to as ( ...
  • Las visitas educativas en robótica, la experiencia en un proyecto de extensión universitaria 

    Hernández Ruiz, Irene; Fonseca Solano, Pedro (XIX Congreso Internacioal de Investigación Educativa: Investigación Comprometida para la Transformación Social, 2019-06-21)
    The following work discloses the experience of educational visits of high school students to the School of Computing of the National University of Costa Rica, to receive robotics workshops as a form of university extension. ...