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      Professionals, exercise, monitor, aging, older adults, physical activity, sport. [1]
      Psychological factors, psychological work, football performance. [1]
      Psychological training, psychological preparation [1]
      quality of life, senior citizens, subjective perspective, autonomy, mental health, social support, physical recreational activity [1]
      Quality of life, sense of coherence, physical exercise [1]
      Rally, tipos, implementación [1]
      Reliability, rehydration, exercise, diuresis [1]
      salud; porcentaje graso; IMC; porcentaje muscular; desentrenamiento./ health; fat percentage; BMI; muscle percentage; detraining. [1]
      self-reports, movement patterns, heart monitors, physical activity, and observation. [1]
      Sense of flow; self-efficacy; anxiety; self confidence [1]
      Socio-affective factors, “star” children. [1]
      Somatotipo piragüistas, piragüistas élite, Somatotipo kayak-canoa, Somatotipo cubano [1]
      student population; positive psychology; sleep; substance use; [1]
      Technical performance indicators; technical performance; effectiveness rates [1]
      technical performance indicators; technical performance; effectiveness rates [1]
      Tecnologías Educativas de la Información y Comunicación, Multimedia, Procesos Académicos, Docente, Componentes de aptitud física, Protocolo de evaluación física, Procesos de aprendizaje, Tecnologías, Modelos de aprendizaje, Procesos académicos, Evaluación [1]
      Tecnologías Educativas de la Información y Comunicación; Multimedia; Procesos Académicos; Docente; Componentes de aptitud física; Protocolo de evaluación física; Procesos de aprendizaje; Tecnologías; Modelos de aprendizaje; Procesos académicos; Evaluación [1]
      Traditional games [1]
      Transtheoritical Model, intervention, behavior change, physical activity, nutrition, behavioral processes, cognitive processes, stages of change [1]
      Urine elimination, recovery, hydration, dehydration, exercise [1]