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    • Halogen activation in the plume of Masaya volcano: field observations and box model investigations 

      Rüdiger, Julian; Gutmann, Alexandra; Bobrowski, Nicole; Liotta, Marcello; De Moor, J. Maarten; Sander, Rolf; Dinger, Florian; Tirpitz, Jan-Lukas; Ibarra, Martha; Saballos, Armando; Martínez, María; Mendoza, Elvis; Ferrufino, Arnoldo; Stix, John; Valdés, Juan; Castro, Jonathan M.; Hoffmann, Thorsten (Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2020)
      Volcanic emissions are a source of halogens to the atmosphere. Rapid reactions convert the initially emitted hydrogen halides (HCl, HBr, HI) into reactive species e.g. BrO, Br2, BrCl, ClO, OClO and IO. The activation ...