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    • Losing legs and walking hard: Effects of autotomy and different substrates in the locomotion of harvestmen in the genus Prionostemma 

      Domínguez, Marisol; Escalante, Ignacio; Carrasco-Rueda, Farah; Figueroa - Hernández, Cielo E.; Ayup, María Marta; Umaña, María Natalia; Ramos, Daniel; González - Zamora, Arturo; Brizuela, Carolina; Delgado, Willy; Pacheco - Esquivel, Jessica (Journal of Arachnology vol.44 no.1 76-82 2016, 2016-04-01)
      Autotomy, the strategy of voluntarily releasing a leg during an encounter with a potential predator or in agonistic interactions between conspecifics, is common in animals. The potential costs of this behavior have been ...