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    • Validation by Molecular Dynamics of the Major Components of Sugarcane Vinasse, On a Surface of Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) 

      Rojas Alvarez, Oscar Eduardo; Nicolás Vázquez, María Inés; Oñate-Garzón, José; Arango, Carlos (MDPI AG, 2021-04-18)
      There is ongoing interest in the alcohol industry to significantly reduce and/or add value to the liquid residue, vinasse, produced after the distillation and rectification of ethanol from sugar cane. Vinasse contains ...
    • Variations in the geostrophic circulation pattern and thermohaline structure in the Southeast Central American Pacific 

      Brenes, Carlos; Ballestero, Daniel; Benavides, Rosario; Salazar, Juan Pablo; Murillo, Gustavo (Revista de Biologia Tropical vol.64 suppl.1 s121-s134 2016, 2016-03)
      This study was conducted in the southeast region of the Central American Pacific, an area of great oceanographic importance due to the presence of various upwelling phenomena and the direct influence of the ENSO on its ...
    • β- decay of 65Mn to 65Fe 

      Olaizola, Bruno; Fraille, L.M.; Mach, Henryk; Aprahamian, Ani; Briz, Jose Antonio; Cal-González, J.; Ghita, Dan Gabriel; Köester, U.; Kurcewicz, Wiktor; Lesher, S.R.; Pauwels, Dieter; Picado, Esteban; Poves, Alfredo; Radulov, D.; Simpson, G.S.; Udías, J.M. (American Physical Society, 2013-10-07)
      The low-energy structure of 65Fe has been studied by means of γ and fast-timing spectroscopy at the ISOLDE facility, CERN. A level scheme of 65Fe populated following the β-decay of 65Mn was established for the first time. ...