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    • A combined experimental and theoretical study of gas sorption on nanoporous silver triazolato metal-organic frameworks 

      Yang, Guang; Santana, Juan A; Rivera Ramos, Milton E.; García - Ricard, Omar; Saavedra-Arias, José; Ishikawa, Yasuyuki; Hernandez-Maldonado, Arturo; Raptis, Raphael G. (2014-01-01)
      A new silver-triazolate metal-organic framework (MOF), {Ag 3[Ag5(μ3-3,5-tBu 2tz)6](BF4)2}n (2), has been prepared and structurally characterized. The CO2 sorption properties of this new MOF and previously reported isostructural ...
    • Characterization of the VARIAN®PaxScan 2020+ flat panel detector for quantitative X-ray imaging 

      Geser, Federico Alejandro; Chacón, David; Figueroa, R.; Malano, F.; Santibañez, M.; Valente, M. (X-Ray Spectrometry vol.45 no.3 169-175 2016, 2016-02-19)
      In this work, the response of the VARIAN® PaxScan 2020+ flat panel detector was characterized in terms of spatial resolution and uniformity across the detection area along with detection efficiency for photon beams from ...
    • Polymer gel dosimeter based on itaconic acid 

      Mattea, Facundo; Chacón, David; Vedelago, José; Valente, Mauro; Strumia, Miriam (2015-11)
      A new polymeric dosimeter based on itaconic acid and N, N'-methylenebisacrylamide was studied. The preparation method, compositions of monomer and crosslinking agent and the presence of oxygen in the dosimetric system were ...