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      Health; holism; commodification; institutionalized abuse; education; orthorexia; ethics of care [1]
      high school; seventh grade; teachers’ profile; desertion; permanence; school failure [1]
      Higher education; academic performance; academic performance of university students; academic performance; socio-economic situation; University of Costa Rica. [1]
      higher education; admission; diversity; disability; adaptations; access [1]
      Higher education; school experience; disability; discrimination; educational inclusion/integration [1]
      human been; existence; participacion with the world; emancipating pedagogy [1]
      Human rights education; critical pedagogy; controversial issues. [1]
      Humor; motivación; estrategias; enseñanza; aprendizaje [1]
      Humor; motivation; strategies; teaching; learning. [1]
      ICT; learning activities; Basic General Education; interactive triangle. [1]
      identidad; globalización; cultura; educación; multiculturalidad; diversidad; valores; socialización [1]
      Identidad; identidad escolar; proyecto de escuela; formación en educación; diversidad [1]
      identity; globalization; culture; education; multiculturalism; diversity; values; socialization [1]
      Identity; school identity; school project; teaching training; diversity [1]
      Ideologies; work; constructions; disability; Puerto Rico. [1]
      Ideologías; trabajo; construcciones; discapacidad; Puerto Rico. [1]
      Inclusión educativa; escuelas inclusivas; discapacidad social; Síndrome de Asperger [1]
      Inclusive education; inclusive schools; social disability; Asperger’s Syndrome [1]
      indigenous education; autochthonous languages; culture [1]
      informal education; sexuality; rural community; youth [1]