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      Basic education; higher education; research; theses; university [1]
      beliefs; teaching practice; attention to diversity; interculturalism; methodology; discipline; planning [1]
      Biological richness; open classroom; conservation; education; natural areas; communities; nature [1]
      Boruca indigenous community; food security; productive reconversion; ative food; Educare Electronic Journal; Costa Rica [1]
      Bureaucracy; lack of interest; outdating; evaluation; fairness; equal opportunities; motivation; reflection; transformation. [1]
      Burocracia; desinterés; desactualización; evaluación; equidad; igualdad de oportunidades; motivación; reflexión; transformación. [1]
      Calidad de vida; salud subjetiva; bienestar; espiritualidad. [1]
      calidad de vida; sentido de coherencia; satisfacción laboral; salud [1]
      Campos de refugiados; fotografía; mujer; saharaui; educación informal [1]
      Carta de la Tierra; comunidad indígena; Madre Tierra; sustentabilidad ambiental [1]
      challenges; education; rural context [1]
      Childhood; affection; tenderness; empathy. [1]
      children from first to third level of primary school; talent; teachers’ practices; educational reality; teachers’ beliefs [1]
      Children’s art; transformation; change; action research; apprentice teacher; creativity; coexistence. [1]
      children’s literature; values; children’s cinematography; consumerism [1]
      Choosing a career; bachelor’s degree; upper education training; students; qualifications; grades. [1]
      Citizenship education; democracy; socio-educational approach of citizenship education; pedagogical approach. [1]
      Citizenship education; politicians; political parties; Chile [1]
      Coexistence; identity; cultural diversity; counseling; interculturality. [1]
      Collaborative work; significant learning; diversity; disabilities; educational needs; social inclusion. [1]