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      Obstacle course, types, implementation [1]
      Paddler somatotype, elite paddlers, kayaking-canoeing somatotype, Cuban somatotype [1]
      Pedagogical models, multiple intelligences, significant learning theory, education, teaching [1]
      Physical activity, culture, sports, exercise, motivation, reasons for participation, satisfaction [1]
      Physical activity, movement patterns, games, physical education [1]
      Physical activity, young, technology. [1]
      Physical education, mathematics, physical-recreational activities. [1]
      Playgrounds, regulations, design, infrastructures, safety [1]
      población estudiantil; psicología positiva; sueño; consumo de sustancias; [1]
      Profesionales, ejercicio, monitor, envejecimiento, mayores, actividad física, deporte [1]
      Professionals, exercise, monitor, aging, older adults, physical activity, sport. [1]
      Psychological factors, psychological work, football performance. [1]
      Psychological training, psychological preparation [1]
      quality of life, senior citizens, subjective perspective, autonomy, mental health, social support, physical recreational activity [1]
      Quality of life, sense of coherence, physical exercise [1]
      Rally, tipos, implementación [1]
      Reliability, rehydration, exercise, diuresis [1]
      salud; porcentaje graso; IMC; porcentaje muscular; desentrenamiento./ health; fat percentage; BMI; muscle percentage; detraining. [1]
      self-reports, movement patterns, heart monitors, physical activity, and observation. [1]
      Sense of flow; self-efficacy; anxiety; self confidence [1]