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    • Mechanisms of Unrest and Eruption at Persistently Restless Volcanoes: Insights From the 2015 Eruption of Telica Volcano, Nicaragua 

      Roman, Diana C.; Bussard, Rebecca; Higgins, Machel; Feineman, Maureen; de Moor, Joost Maarten; Saballos, Armando; Ibarra, Martha; Strauch, Wilfried; Tenorio, Virginia; LaFemina, Peter; Stephens, Kirsten; Wauthier, Christelle; Arellano, Santiago; Avard, Geoffroy; Martínez Cruz, María; Burton, Michael; Varnam, Matthew (Advancing Earh and Space Science, 2019)
      Many of Earth's volcanoes experience well‐defined states of “quiescence” and “unrest,” with unrest occasionally culminating in eruption. Some volcanoes, however, experience an unusually protracted (i.e., decades‐long) ...