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    • Combined electrokinetic manipulations of pathogenic bacterial samples in low-cost fabricated dielectrophoretic devices 

      Martinez-Brenes, Alejandro; Torres-Castro, Karina; Marín-Benavides, Richard; Acuña-Umaña, Katherine; Espinoza Araya, Christopher; Ramírez-Carranza, Raquel; González-Espinoza, Gabriela; Rojas-Campos, Norman; Guzman-Verri, Caterina; Sáenz-Arce, Giovanni; Lesser-Rojas, Leonardo (AIP Advances, 2019-11-13)
      A low-cost fabrication method of microfluidic devices with micrometer-sized constrictions used for electrodeless dielectrophoresis (eDEP) is demonstrated here. A structure on a commercial printed circuit board (PCB) ...