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    • Canine mycotic keratoconjuntivitis caused by Acremonium kiliense 

      Mendoza, Leonel; Donato, Anne; Padhye, Arvind (Oxford University Press, 1985)
      Mycotic keratoconjuntivitis caused by Acremonium kiliense in a German Shepherd bitch was diagnosed with the aid of laboratory tests. The dog presented with photophobia, tearing, corneal edema and reduction of the visual ...
    • Fungal keratitis in a mare: case report in Costa Rica 

      Bermúdez Jiménez, Eugenia; Calderón Hernández, Alejandra (Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica, 2020-07-01)
      This paper discusses the diagnosis and clinical management of a case of equine keratomycosis. A pregnant Iberic mare was diagnosed with Aspergillus subgenus Circumdati section Circumdati, by direct microscopic examination, ...