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dc.contributor.authorMata, Francisco
dc.contributor.authorFuerst, William
dc.descriptionTexas A and M University // // United Stateses_ES
dc.description.abstractAs businesses move to increased levels of globalization, information systems (IS) management issues in the global economy become increasingly significant. This study identified and evaluated the key IS management issues in two Central American countries - Costa Rica and Guatemala - and compared those issues to two other countries - Australia and the US. Good agreement was found on the importance of the issues in the two Central American countries, while the comparison of the key issues with Australia and the US showed differences between the developing and developed countries. Some issues were found to be important in all the countries compared. Based on the findings, key IS issues are classified as developed-country, developing-country and universal.es_ES
dc.publisherJournal of Strategic Information Systemses_ES
dc.subjectCosta Rica Guatemala Information systems management International IS management issues Strategic IS issueses_ES
dc.titleInformation systems management issues in Central America: A multinational and comparative studyes_ES

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