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    • Costa rican pot-honey: Its medicinal use and antibacterial effect 

      Zamora Fallas, Luis Gabriel; Arias, María Laura; Aguilar Monge, Ingrid; Umaña Rojas, Eduardo (Springer, 2012-11-19)
      There are very few records on the use of pot-honey by indigenous people of Costa Rica. Our evaluation concerns antimicrobial activity of honey samples from Tetragonisca angustula, Melipona beecheii and Apis mellifera, ...
    • Stingless bees of costa rica 

      Aguilar Monge, Ingrid; Herrera González, Eduardo; Zamora Fallas, Gabriel (Springer, 2012-11-19)
      The keeping of stingless bees (Apidae, Meliponini) or meliponiculture is carried out in a rustic and traditional way in Costa Rica. This is an activity present in several regions of the country, especially among the ...