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    • Brucella canis is an intracellular pathogen that induces a lower proinflammatory response than smooth zoonotic counterparts 

      Guzman-Verri, Caterina; Chacón-Díaz, Carlos; Altamirano-Silva, Pamela; González-Espinoza, Gabriela; Medina, María-Concepción; Alfaro-Alarcón, Alejandro; Bouza-Mora, Laura; Jiménez-Rojas, César; Wong, Melissa; BARQUERO-CALVO, ELIAS; Rojas, Norman; Moreno, Edgardo; Chaves-Olarte, Esteban (Infection and Immunity, 2015-09-29)
      Canine brucellosis caused by Brucella canis is a disease of dogs and a zoonotic risk. B. canis harbors most of the virulence determinants defined for the genus, but its pathogenic strategy remains unclear since it has not ...