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    • Emergence of an outbreak-associated Clostridium difficile variant with increased virulence 

      Guzman-Verri, Caterina; Quesada-Gómez, Carlos; López-Ureña, Diana; Acuña-Amador, Luis; Villalobos-Zúñiga, Manuel; Du, Tim; Freire, Rosemayre; Gamboa-Coronado, María del Mar; Lawley, Trevor; Moreno, Edgardo; Mulvey, Michael; de Castro Brito, Gerly Anne; Rodríguez-Cavallini, Evelyn; Rodríguez, César; Chaves-Olarte, Esteban (Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 2015-04-23)
      The prevalence of Clostridium difficile infections has increased due to the emergence of epidemic variants from diverse genetic lineages. Here we describe the emergence of a novel variant during an outbreak in a Costa Rican ...