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      jóvenes; participación comunitaria; formación ciudadana; ciudadanía [1]
      juego; liderazgo; docente; metodología; habilidades [1]
      Karvonen; Estimated Maximum Heart Rate; exercise; measurement; prediction; Karvonen [1]
      Knowledge; learning; subjectivity; psychopedagogy [1]
      Knowledge; teacher; student; environment; institutions; power. [1]
      labor docente; escuela rural-comunidad; formación docente [1]
      language acquisition process; young adult learners; affective filter [1]
      language teachers; teaching philosophy statement; learning; self-development; professionalism [1]
      language; integral language; learning; teaching of spanish; communication [1]
      Latinoamerica; imperialismo; migración [1]
      leadership; management; formal authority; informal authority; vision [1]
      Learning approaches; academic performance; academic year; university students [1]
      learning ecology space; environment; seventh grade; middle school; teacher profile [1]
      Learning evaluation; active methodologies; pedagogical innovation; initial teacher training [1]
      Learning process; bio-pedagogy; systematization; teaching. [1]
      Learning styles; reflective learning; theorical learning; pragmatic learning; active learning; physical education; health promotion; sports performance. [1]
      Learning; classroom; biopedagogy; complexity; coexistence; uncertainty; language creation; purpose; transformation; life. [1]
      learning; formation of educators; literacy [1]
      Learning; teachers; teaching; educational innovation, mathematics; methodology; cooperative work. [1]
      Lectura literaria; canon literario escolar; formaciones canónicas; fuentes de canonización. [1]